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Tangling with Catfish Extreme Rod

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The Tangling with Catfish “Extreme” rods are 7'6" long made out of a strong E-glass blank that will

hold up to about anything that can be thrown at it. The butt of the rod has a rubber style

 butt that will grab on so the rod will not slip while fighting a fish. The handle is made out

of class “A” style cork unlike many other cork handles that are made with class “C”. This

is much stronger and will last much longer. The reel seats on the ‘Extremes” is really what

makes this rod with a heavy duty machined aluminum reel seat that is ribbed on the inside

 for a stronger bound, it also has two aluminum locking nuts with a black rubber washer

 between to insure the tightness of the reel, it also provides a first class extra heavy duty

aluminum hood. The fore-grip of the rod is also made out of class “A” cork and is 6” long

 to provide plenty of hand room for leverage. All rods come with a stainless steel hook

keeper so you don’t have to place the hook on a guide which will make the rods last much

 longer as well. From there we move to the guides which are stainless steel double footed

guides that are silver solder reinforced guides. Each guide is wrapped with a thick black

 wrap and double epoxy coating for longer lasting. The “Extreme” features 8 guides along

 with one tip. All top of the line products where used on the Tangling with Catfish rods

 and no short cuts were taken and what sets this rod apart from most is we are able to bring

 it to you at an affordable price.

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